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    READ this First

    Since some of friends might have problem reading Tamil unicode with out proper setup, I am adding this in english.

    How to setup Tamil Unicode in Win 2000 and Win XP For detailed instruction in English Click Here

    How to Enable Tamil in Windows 2000?

    You may need to have the Windows 2000 Installation CD for doing this.
    1. From Start Menu, Open Settings >> Control Panel
    2. In Control panel, Open "Regional Settings"
    3. In that, in Language Settings for the system, many language groups can be clicked.
    Search for "Indic" then Check this box near by "Indic".
    And press OK That's all Now your Computer has Tamil support into it.

    How to Enable Tamil in Windows XP?

    If you are having Windows XP OS and are having problem viewing the Tamil fonts then you have to enable Indic support. Doing so is quite simple, actually.
    Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.
    1) keep your XP installation CD at hand. (If you have misplaced yours, or if you have lost it,
    please get one from your friend, or relative, or someone you know.)
    2) Click Start > Control Panel.
    3) Click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.
    4) Now, click Regional and language Options.
    5) In the Supplemental Language support, Check the "Install files for Complex Script
    and right to left languages (including Thai) ", and then click Apply.
    6) If you hadn't yet inserted the Win XP installation CD into your CD-ROM drive,
    An alert will appear to ask you to insert the installation CD. Insert the CD and then click OK. After the installation, your system will restart for proper operation
    7)That's all... now your computer is enabled for Tamil Unicode

    How to Enable Unicode Tamil in Windows 98?

    To read UNICODE Tamil

    ( எனது கணினியில் cmd கட்டளை வேலை செய்யவில்லை. அதற்கு பதிலாக )

    1) Go to Start >> Programs >> MS-Dos Prompt

    2) The cursor will be at C:\WINDOWS>

    3) Now type the following commands in the MS-Dos box
    CD SYSTEM <Enter> ( இந்தக்கட்டளை சிஸ்டம் டைரக்டரிக்கு செல்ல உதவுகிறது )
    REN USP10.DLL USP10CPY.DLL ( இந்தக்கட்டளை usp10.dll என்கிற கோப்பை பெயர் மாற்றம் செய்ய உதவுகிறது )

    4) Now Click Here.
    Download the USP10.DLL from this site and save it to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

    5) Open Internet Explorer

    6) Click View from the Menu >> Encoding>> Select Unicode (UTF-8)

    7) Click Refresh.

    Now your Computer is all set to read UNICODE site.

    To Write UNICODE Tamil:

    Go to the bottom of this page. There you must see 2 boxes with a heading 'UNICODE CONVERTER'.

    I am assuming you have e-kalappai 2.0 at this point. If not get it from here.

    Start e-Kalappai Program and you can see a small ikon in the taskbar.

    Now by pressing Alt + 3 you can type in Unicode Tamil. The e-Kalappai icon in the task bar will shows the "அ" in red colour. You can type directly in the comment or reply box. Or by pressing Alt+2 you can type Tamil in TSCII in the Unicode converter box. In the left side box type whatever you want. Once you finished Click or select the TSCII Button in the middle. You should see the same Tamil text appear at the 'Converted Text Here' Box.

    Now Click the Copy button to copy it. And you can start posting here in UNICODE.

    * sometimes you may face difficulty in using e-Kalappai. At that time open a notepad ( Start > Programs > Accessaries > Notepad ). Start e-Kalappai program. Press Alt+2. In the Notepad type whatever you want in TSCII tamil. Once you finished typing copy the content and paste the same in the Tamilmantram Unicode converter as said earlier. Choose TSCII option the converter box. Copy the converted unicode tamil and paste where you want to post.

    Alternate Method :

    Use Open Office 1.0 with e-kalappai 2.0 to write Tamil in UNICODE for Windows 98 users. Open office can be downloaded for free from here.

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